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MEETING FACILITIES Hemicycle Amphitheatre
Usable surface (m²) -
Max. capacity theater setup 646
Max. capacity classroom setup -
Max. capacity table setup -
Max. capacity banquet setup -
Max. capacity reception setup -
Number of translation cabins 11
Wi-Fi internet access -
Audio equipment with loudspeaker x
Microphone x
Video-projection x
Stage -
Daylight -
Room darkening x
Air conditioning x


Unique of its type in Luxembourg for its past importance on the European stage and for its hemicyclic amphitheatre layout, this vast plenary room with its retro charm has a capacity of 646 places (fixed furnishings). It also has comprehensive technological equipment including table microphones, screen, projector, wifi and translation booths.

Combined with the Hemicycle’s Plenary Room, the Foyer can be hired to provide supporting facilities. Its size and décor make it a delightful place in which to relax between meetings, conferences or seminars.

+352 4302 57751

+352 4302 57575

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Tel: +352 4302 57751

Fax: +352 4302 57575

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