Luxembourg Congrès - 1 rue du fort Thungen L-1499 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 4302 57751 - Fax: +352 4302 57575

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Luxembourg – MICE destination

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an excellent choice for the organisation of major events.

In fact, with its human dimension, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg occupies a very particular geographic position at the heart of both the Greater Region and of Europe.

Open to Europe and indeed to the world, whilst retaining its specific national identity, the city of Luxembourg boasts many centres of interest: an extremely dynamic commercial network, a financial and business sector acclaimed at an international level, the headquarters of several European institutions, and so on. But the city also offers many great opportunities to indulge in active leisure pursuits, cultural activities, gastronomic adventures and, quite simply, relaxation.

Endowed with the most modern infrastructure and with the advantage of a particularly high level of safety, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and its capital have two additional and outstanding advantages: the ease and the rapidity of access.

The city of Luxembourg and the Kirchberg plateau, where the European Convention Center is located, are linked to the main cities of Europe by a comprehensive motorway network, regular and high-speed rail routes (particularly the TGV link to and from Paris) and a great many international air routes to and from Luxembourg’s international airport.

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